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NEWS IN GENERAL! Ahh, the oft neglected, this time for over two months, news section. The club is the featured club sport in this week's Carolinian. Pick up a copy on campus, or visit to read the article. It is in the sports section. Great job to Mike for getting the paper that info and especially for the Piney Lake pitch! Hopefully this will instigate some student response and some University action!
Also, as you may have noticed on the homepage and in the About Us section, we are now charging entry on Saturdays. We encourage everyone to participate in the buy-in. We chose to implement a buy-in system to create a larger community base for the club. More players from the area are likely to come ou if there is an incentive. We will have multiple divisions if we have enough players. Buy-in will be $3, $1 for the ace pool. See you Saturday!
Tournament Results (in brief): Mike DiTrolio and Patrick Byrd have participated in two tournaments over the last 2 months. The first was the Dogwood Crosstown Classic in Raleigh, which took place over the 11th and 12th of March. Every division played two rounds at Zebulon and two rounds at Cedar Hills. Mike DiTrolio placed 7th out of 17 in the intermediate division and Patrick Byrd took 24th out of 57 in the advanced division. The Frizzak Open in Charlotte was the other tournament, taking place on the 8th and 9th of April. Three rounds were played at Renaissance Park, one on the original course and two on the gold course. If you have not been to Charlotte to play any of the courses, Renny Gold is like nothing you have ever played before. Simply an amazing course. Mike DiTrolio took 3rd out of 13 in Intermediate, jumping from 5th to 3rd in the final round by shooting the only sub-80 round in his division in the final round, and one of only two on the gold course the entire weekend in that division. Nice shooting Mike! Patrick Byrd took 11th out of 22 in the advanced division, playing solid on the final day, shooting the 4th lowest score in his division, but just missing cash.
Tournament Results: Mike DiTrolio and Patrick Byrd travelled to New Hill, NC on the weekend of February 11-12 to play the 5th annual Buckhorn Open. The weather is notoriously bad for this tournament, and each day had its fair share of inclimate conditions. Saturday rained nonstop, causing the first round to take a whopping 4 hours to complete. The second round had to be moved to the short pads in order to finish before dark. Sunday featured 30 mph wind, but slightly warmer temperatures. The field was packed, filling to the capacity 90 players, and some good golf was played. In the Advanced Division, Patrick Byrd finished in sole posession of 11th place out of 37 players. On Sunday morning, he threw his highest rated round to date, a 983, lets see if it stands when the official ratings are released. Mike DiTrolio played consistantly all weekend, shooting 62-58-60-61, and took 4th place in the Intermediate Division. Happily, he was not beaten by 10 year old Dave Wiggins.
Tournament Results: So, the Johnson Street Jam was held in mid-November, and is being reported on over a month later... In the Intermediate Division, Mike DiTrolio tied for 8th in his second PDGA tournament to place in the top third, shooting -5 in two rounds from the white tees. Patrick Byrd tied for 6th in the Advanced Division, shooting -3 from the white tees, and E from the blue tees. Kudos to TD Jake Lautermilch for a job well done.
Tournament Results: Noah Hock and Patrick Byrd travelled to Greenville, NC for the inaugural Down East Player's Cup. The tournament took place over two days (Oct. 22-23) at The Meadow - Greenville's newest course.
The first and last rounds were played from the short pads, the second and third from the longs. Noah Hock tied for 11th in the Intermediate division in his first ever PDGA tournament. He improved his overall score by five strokes on the second day and took a CTP on the longest hole from the white pads on the first day. Patrick Byrd took home his first ever PDGA win, shooting -8 for the tournament and a hot -9 in the final round. With the win he decided to take his game to the next level and will play in the Advanced division from this point forward.
Big thanks to Scotty Faison and the Greenville DGC for putting on an excellent tournament. For full tournament results, visit
This week the club meeting will be held at 10:00 am, NOT 11:00. Noah Hock and Patrick Byrd will be heading down to play the DEPC in Greenville this Friday through Sunday. The CLOP effects us all.
Hopefully there will be some more news on Piney Lake soon.
Bag tags are now available for $5. All proceeds go toward the club. Contact the club via e-mail or catch up with Mike or Patrick if you want in. 

Site News: The remainder of the Barber Park pictures have been posted. Check it out!

OHO Sunday Singles: Noah Hock got his first ace ever on hole 10 at Johnson Street Park during the Sunday singles round. This shot clinched the Am division for him and he took home the $83 ace pool. Nice shooting Noah! Club pres. and reputed OHO bagger Patrick Byrd took first in Advanced. Despite a tendency to putt low, V.P. Mike D snuck in to place in the Advanced division as well. Good day for the club.
**If you're interested in coming out and playing Sunday Singles at Johnson, get in touch. More info can be found on the Activities page of this site.
Piney Lake: Elliott and Patrick were given the grand tour of Piney Lake by Nick, PL director, and Clifton, head of the ground crew, last Thursday. The park is perfect for disc golf, and everyone left feeling good about the meeting. If you are interested in a course at Piney Lake, please take 5 minutes and write a short letter to the Chancellor expressing your support of the idea. We would love to have a course up and running by the beginning of next semester, so get vocal!
Site News: Check out the new link for Barber Park. Pictures for holes 1-8 are up. Hopefully the rest will be up soon as well.
Piney Lake: I received an e-mail from Elliott, our off campus advisor, letting me know that he is meeting with the Piney Lake director this Thursday to discuss the installation of a course at the park! This is excellent news for the club and university. I'll keep you all informed on the developments.
Tournament Results: The OHO took place over the course of two days (Aug. 27-28) at the Johnson Street Disc Golf Course and a temporary course built at Festival Park in Oak Hollow. There were 123 competitors overall, and 33 in the Intermediate Division.
On Saturday, the Intermediate Division played two rounds from the white tees at Johnson Street and finished the tournament with two rounds at Festival Park on Sunday. Mike DiTrolio finished his inaugural tournament at +9 and tied for 22nd place. Patrick Byrd finished 12 strokes out of the lead at -13 and took 3rd place. The low score for the weekend was thrown by Justin Jernigan, who shot -40 and won the Pro Division.
**The course at Festival Park was excellent. If you would like to see a course installed at that location full time (we sure would), write a handwritten letter detailing your interest and give it to Mike or Patrick. They can then deliver your letter to Dave Gilstrap, OHO tournament director, and he will try to convince the city of the course's merit and have it installed permanently.